Ceramic Coatings and Auto Detailing Work in Dunedin, FL

When it comes to protecting some of your most expensive investments, you will not stop at anything less than perfection. That is why auto detailing work and ceramic coatings for your auto and boat are so important in Dunedin. Unlike the basic clear coat that is applied during the manufacturing process and the waxing and auto detailing work you may do yourself at the start of each new season, ceramic coatings protect against damage from the environment and even unexpected damage.

Ceramic coatings can make your auto or boat feel nearly like new once again. Even if you have minor scratches, paint correction and intricate auto detailing work can erase these imperfections and prevent further damage from occurring. Learn more about ceramic coatings and auto detailing work at CoaterZ in Dunedin today.

What Are Auto and Boat Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings for autos and boats are designed to protect these land and marine vehicles from external damage to keep them in pristine condition for many years. These ceramic coatings are typically made from silica or silicon dioxide for a nano-based liquid that hardens into a nearly impermeable shell. In addition, this coating is completely clear, preserving the exact color of your vehicle for years. 

Ceramic Coatings and Auto Detailing Versus DIY Car Waxing

If you have routinely waxed your vehicle or your boat to keep the paint from degrading and the metal from rusting, you may be wondering why you need to consider paint correction, auto detailing and ceramic coatings instead. As you well know, wax may make your car appear shiny, but wax is quite impermanent. You probably reapply it at least four times each year. When the wax gradually erodes, all sorts of pollutants, dirt and grime can get through the pores of the paint to cause irreversible damage. Ceramic coatings and auto detailing work eliminate this possibility and decrease the need for paint correction in the future.

Traditional Ceramic Coatings Versus Self-Healing Ceramic Coatings

Traditional auto and boat ceramic coatings are well-known for being incredibly hard, and many of them are rated as 9H, the hardest in the industry. However, some softer ceramic coatings may also be a good choice for your vehicle protection needs in Dunedin. Self-healing ceramic coatings are softer than traditional varieties are but can heal many minor scratches simply by warming up in natural sunlight. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings and Auto Detailing in Dunedin

Auto and boat paint correction, ceramic coatings and auto detailing work provide a huge host of benefits for vehicle owners, including the following:

-Paint protection against the fading caused by ultraviolet rays
-Paint protection against damage from grime, chemicals and stains
-Creation of a gorgeous shine that lasts for years
-Water repellence
-Fewer vehicle washing and wax jobs as vehicle stays cleaner
-Cost effective method of protecting major investments

How Ceramic Coatings and Auto Detailing Work

Of course, before a ceramic coating can be applied to a vehicle, the vehicle must undergo a thorough cleaning and detailing. Even new vehicles may have tiny scratches and dings that require precise detailing work to create a perfect final look. Auto detailing will include not only a thorough washing, but also paint correction when needed along with buffing and polishing of the existing paint.

Once detailing and paint correction work is completed, the coating can be applied. The entire process of detailing, paint correcting and coating the auto or other vehicle can take several days. This will give professionals plenty of time for detailing the entire vehicle thoroughly and for allowing the ceramic to cure completely.

The Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings Process in Dunedin
Auto detailing must begin with complete paint correction to ensure a perfect coating process. Paint correction involves leveling out the clear coat that has already been applied to the vehicle to ensure that there are no swirl marks in the paint. This paint correction will also ensure that light bounces off the vehicle evenly. Paint correction can take anywhere from 5 hours to 30 hours depending on the amount of detailing that must be done. However, the goal is to remove every scratch and swirl on the surface of the vehicle to leave behind a glossy, buffed surface. 

Once paint correction and auto detailing is completed in Dunedin, ceramic coatings can be applied. These coatings are designed to seal in the paint correction process for years. First, the vehicle will be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any last bits of lubricants or chemicals that were left over even after the detailing and paint correction work. Next, ceramic coatings can be applied with a soft microfiber cloth over gradually widening sections of the vehicle. They will be buffed to a beautiful shine once they have bonded completely.

How Long Do Auto and Boat Ceramic Coatings in Dunedin Last?

Auto detailing work and ceramic coatings are designed to protect vehicles in Dunedin from all types of problems that could harm the initial paintwork on the vehicle. Most ceramic coatings are designed to last for at least two years, and many last far longer than that.

Detailing and Ceramic Packages for Auto and Boat in Dunedin

At CoaterZ, we offer a variety of detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings packages for auto and boat owners in Dunedin. We use Feynlab ceramic coatings in both traditional and self-healing variations depending on our customer’s goals. These products are developed in house and produced in the United States for peace of mind. 

CoaterZ offers six auto detailing and ceramic coatings packages to vehicle owners in Dunedin. The Ceramic Lite package is designed to protect vehicles for up to one year and creates a beautiful, glossy surface. Ceramic V2 is even more durable and further protects vehicles from UV and heat damage. Our Ceramic Plus 5 Year option includes partial self-healing capabilities so that any light scratches will not be noticeable. We also offer Self-Heal Lite and Self-Heal Plus detailing and coating packages and our PPF Ceramic V2 package that uses Paint Protection Film to eliminate irritating water spots and reduce environmental damage to vehicle surfaces.

Choose Professional Auto and Boat Ceramic Coatings and Detailing Work in Dunedin

Instead of working against the environment to keep your vehicle looking its best, turn to CoaterZ in Dunedin for the ultimate in vehicle detailing and ceramic coatings for autos and boats. By focusing on the industry best in detailing work and by using trusted Feynlab coatings, we provide ultimate long-lasting care for vehicles of all sizes and styles. Choose our trusted professionals in Dunedin today for all of your vehicle detailing work, including CeramicX packages, tire coatings, glass treatments and much more.

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