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The FEYNLAB HYDRO Marine System is designed to combat the harsh conditions of fresh water and seafaring watercraft.

Compatible with both painted and gel-coat finishes, the HYDRO system’s primary function is to stop oxidation dead in its tracks. Additionally, when applied to surfaces, HYDRO’S smart nano particles offer intense UV protection through ultra-efficient UV ray scattering. These key functional aspects work perfectly together.

By stopping and preventing oxidation and UV damage to gel coat and painted surfaces, HYDRO prevents the unsightly and damaging yellowy, chalky, and powdery surface effects caused by sun and sea exposure.

The HYDRO System creates hydrophobic surfaces, causing water and contamination to quickly release. This drastically speeds up rinse-downs after use, making general cleaning super-fast and easy. (Assuming the watercraft is dry docked and not sitting in water for prolonged periods, where anti-fouling agents would be required below the waterline)

The hydrophobic properties of HYDRO help decrease water drag when applied below the water line. Application to propellers may aid in reduced fuel consumption.

HYDRO is not an anti-fouling agent. It should only be used above the waterline for watercraft spending long periods of time in the water.

HYDRO’s effect on surfaces similar to Ceramic: Exceptionally Glossy, Crisp, and Vibrant. However, its functional protection is engineered specifically for the extreme demands of the sea.

HYDRO MARINE COATING SYSTEM is designated only for Professional Use by FEYNLAB™ Certified and Accredited Installers. The Marine System requires training for installation.

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