Yamaha FSH 2020 CoaterZ - Feynlab Hydro System

CoaterZ in Tarpon Springs, FL installed Feynlab Hydro System on this 2020 Yamaha FSH. This System Block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Stops fading and oxidation before it starts. This system will keep this brand new boat new looking for years. This ceramic system is the best on the market. It will also stop fish blood, guts, squid blood and more from staining your deck. No more stains and scrubbing for hours with a brush. Just a simple wash and rinse. You wont see that chalky stuff starting to form as it ages. Let us help you keep your boat new and easy to clean. No more WAX!!!!!! Feynlab certified, Licensed, Insured and marina friendly. Call us today if you want the best protection for your boat. 727.935.4621 warranties included.

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